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Today we can read, write and edit the code of life - our own personal software.

This brings a new world of opportunities.


Longevity Suisse focus on new exponential technologies in the Nordics and Switzerland, that aims at increasing the quality and length of the human lifespan.

The word longevity derives from the Latin word “longaevitas”.


The words longus (long) and aevum (age) combined means “an individual who lives a long time”.

Today, we are not only experiencing a digital revolution with exponential data sets. We are also experiencing a life-science revolution powered by Artificial Intelligence (and soon: Quantum computing). Molecules are becoming the new microchips. As example, biologist have already built a living robot from frog cells which could hold the key to the future of regenerative medicine

The Economist: "Can science slow down ageing?"


Soon we can activate nanobots to float through our bloodstream and explore the interior of our human body.


In combination with big tech companies collecting and analyzing our personal data, we will experience a  paradigm shift from disease management (sickcare) to the protecting of health (healthcare).

"Hey Google, how is my health this morning?".

Longevity - and its disrupting consequences - is expected to be one of the largest investment opportunities in the decades to come, including the following areas:


  • Age Tech

  • Artificial Intelligence (Health Pattern Recognition)

  • Big Data (Bioinformatics)

  • Bionics, Bio-printing & Bio Tech

  • Cellular Medicine & CRISPR Gene Editing

  • Digital Twins

  • DIY Solutions

  • Epigenetics

  • Genome Sciences

  • Health Tech

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

  • Nano Tech & Neuroscience

  • Online Diagnostics

  • Quantum Computing

  • Robotics

  • Rejuvenation

  • Remote Virtual Doctors

  • Smart Assistance (Care & Support)

  • Track & Alert SystemsWearables & Devices​


That's some of the opportunities we are focusing at.

The Economist: "Is big tech good for your health?"

The Economist: "Is this the future of health?"

Science Time: "The Age of Superhumans - Gene Editing through CRISPR and AI"


New disruptive technologies touches every aspect of life, from agriculture to education, health, commerce and communication.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the new disruptive technologies, that boosts the market for individualised "precision medicine" and "precision longevity". It combines big data with personal data harvested in real time and makes it possible to suggest personalised nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep, medication and therapy. Prediction tools powered by quantum computing can revolutionise drug formulation and thereby contribute to reduce time and resources spent on R&D in the life science industry.

The longevity market is becoming a multibillion-dollar industry, driven by the following key-factors:

  • Life sciences combined with deep tech offer several exciting opportunities, from neuro-science, biotech and medtech to smart digital solutions. This drives increased human lifespan.

  • Human lifespan is on the rise. We are now able to live much longer. For the first time in history, by 2030 the number of people aged more than 60 will surpass those under the age of 10.

  • Life quality and spending power is also on the rise. New smart home solutions is the next frontier market, delivering disruptive and personalized services to the older generation(s).

  • Artificial intelligence combined with voice technology, cloud technology and the internet of things brings personalized “hands-on products” to the rapidly evolving longevity market.


Life is precious. While personal spending traditionally falls with age, companies providing services to assist longevity will be in high demand. The thesis is: If people can increase the length and quality of their life, they will pay for it.

Bloomberg: "How China May Soon Lead the Bio-Revolution"


Bloomberg: "Inside Mind-Reading AI"

Our strategic focus is based on two pillars: A “top-down” market-based assessment of a company’s potential, and a “bottom-up” analysis of its capacity to deliver growth.

Potential target investments undergo a multi-step due diligence and screening process. We take diversification and risk-adjustment very seriously. 

Big Think: "The science of super longevity"

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